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Beschrijving van Google Play Games

Google Play Games allows you to have more fun with your friends! As a part of Google, one of the biggest tech-companies in the world, you know you'll be up for a good challenge! 

The app lets you play against your friends to see who's the best at several different games such as puzzles, racing, sports and action games. You will never get bored as there are thousands of games to choose from. 

Keep track of your progress and start right from where you left off on any device by logging in to your account. When you've master a game you can show off in your Games Profile and let everyone know your skills' levels. 

Google Play Games also allows you to upload your gameplay to your Youtube account if you wish and is available almost anywhere. This allows you to easily record your game as you play it and show off your skills or teach others how to complete a level. 

To start using the app, you just need to create a personal Gamer ID, with which you'll be able to earn XP and level if you keep mastering games. With Google Play Games' Achievements & Leaderboards you can track your progress, complete challenge, earn advantages and compare your scores with your friends, all within the same app. 

Download now and start winning! 

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